Fall 2017: 25 Years

25 Years

The Mitchell Algus Gallery opened at 25 Thompson St. in the fall of 1992 with an exhibition of Harold Stevenson’s monumental male nude, The New Adam (1962), now in the collection of the Guggenheim Museum.

This fall the gallery will present three broadly thematic exhibitions representative of its shows over the past 25 years (list in formation).

September/October 2017: Abstract
Agustin Fernandez, Tillman Kaiser, Nancy Arlen, Hans Breder, Magalie Comeau, George Ortman, Mario Yrisarry, Henry Pearson, Steve Keister, Robert Mallary, Edward Avedisian

October/November 2017: Conceptual
Hans Breder, Roger Welsh, Stuart Brisley, Eunice Golden, Neke Carson, Colette, Morgan O’Hara, Robert Mallary, Gene Beery

November/December 2017: Figurative
E’wao Kagoshima, Dan Burkhart, Juanita McNeely, Alan Turner, Agustin Fernandez, Harold Stevenson, Mark Prent, Robert Mallary