Concept, Performance, Documentation, Language

Concept, Performance, Documentation, Language
Opening February 20, 2016

Arthur Cohen, Borromini Chapel, 1971, 9 x 9 in
Arthur Cohen, Borromini Chapel, 1971

Colette, sleeping on a carl andre sculpture, 1977
Colette, Sleeping on a Carl Andre sculpture, 1977

Jeff Way Transformation_Performance_10_1976-91-ad0b7
Jeff Way, Transformation Performance, 1976

Karen Shaw, Summantics, 1976 2
Karen Shaw, Summantics, 1976

Posturing Male Impersonater Butch_1973-2008_20x14
Martha Wilson, Posturing: Male Impersonator (Butch), 1973

lynn hershman leeson 1973
Lynn Hershmann Lesson, Construction Chart Drawing, 1973

Neke Carson, Art-Therpay-for-Conceptual-Artists-641x1024 copy
Neke Carson, Art Therapy for Conceptual Artists, 1972

Roberta allan Pointless Arrows, 1972-1975
Roberta Allen, Pointless Arrows, 1972-75

Morgan O'Hara, Time Study
Morgan O’Hara, Time Study, 1976

vito acconci combination 1971
Vito Acconci, Combination, 1971

Roger Welch, OJ interview
Roger Welch, O. J. Simpson Project, 1977

Willoughby SharpHelpMA
Willoughby Sharp, Help!, 1974

Hans Breder, Body Sculpture, 1971

Roy Colmer, Manhattan Doors, 1975-76

Betty Tompkins, censored_grid #1 1974.jpeg
Betty Tompkins, Censored Grid #1, 1974

Marc H. Miller, Choose a Flower or a Gun, 1972Marc H. Miller,prop-flower2marc H. Miller, prop-gun4Marc H. Miller, prop-flower1
Marc H. Miller, Choose a Flower or a Gun, 1972

Eunice Golden, Reorientation of the Human Figure at Scheduled Intervals, 1973
Eunice Golden, Reorientation of the Figure at Scheduled Intervals, 1973

Gene painting 1
Gene Beery, Self Portrait No. 2, 1970s

Susan Bee, Unti
Susan Bee, Untitled, ca. 1978

Kirlian #1 double030 lo
Kerry Schuss, Kirlian Portrait, 1978

elanor antin, theking-01
Eleanore Antin, The King, 1972

Stuart Brisley, ZL656395C, 1972
Stuart Brisley, ZL656395C, 1972

Jared Bark, Untitled (JBARK PB 1016), 1973
Jared Bark, Untitled (JBARK PB 1016), 1973

james-collins-watching-debbie, 1975
James Collins, Watching Debbie, 1975

Gerald Hayes, Drawing, 1973-74
Gerald Hayes, Drawing, 1973-74

Peter Moore, Trisha Brown’s “Man Walking Down the Side of a Building”, 80 Wooster St., New York, 1970, Copyright Barbara Moore, Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY

Marcia Rescnick, Re-Visions (The Sandman), 1978

Janice Guy, Mirror, 1978

12 HoursTerryCircle2_2Sm12 Hours Street34Sm
Terry Berkowitz, 12 Hours of Territorial Intrusion, 1974

Duff Schweninger, animal projection, 1973
Duff Schweninger, Animal Projection, 1973

Wilke--S.O.S. Starification Object Series, 1974 (head back covering breasts)
Hannah Wilke, S.O.S. (Starification Object Series), 1974

Mac Adams 1 copy
Mac Adams, Poison, 1974

Stefan Eins, 1969Variables1
Stefan Eins, Variables, 1969

Jack Smith, Subway to Coney Island (with Maria Antoinette), August 10, 1969

Lorraine O’Grady, Mlle. Bourgeoise Noire Celebrates with Friends, 1980