25 Years Part 2: Abstraction

25 Years – Part 2: Abstraction
Nancy Arlen, Edward Avedisian, Bill Bollinger, Magalie Comeau, Agustin Fernandez, Carol Haerer, Steve Keister, Robert Mallary, Judith Murray, Walter Redinger, Mario Yrisarry
January 13 – 
February 10, 2018
Reception: Saturday Jan 13, 4 – 6 pm

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Magalie Comeau, Condensation de parties discrètes qui redonnent le temps qu’elles ont pris, 2014, oil on canvas, 40 x 80 in.

George Ortman, Omen, 1962, canvas collage and and masonite on wood, 23 x 69 x 8 in.

Steve Keister, Boomerang, 1989

Mario Yrisarry, Copper Oxide, 1964

Judith Murray, Untitled #1, 1977

Bill Bollinger, Untitled (Centripetal Dispersion Drawing), 1970s

Agustin Fernandez, Untitled, 1967

Nancy Arlen, Untitled, 1977, cast acrylic and pigment

Robert Mallary, Montauk, 1960

Robert Mallary, Untitled Bronze, 1965

Edward Avedisian, Normal Love Series, 1962

Walter Redinger, Untitled (Anthropomorphic Wall Piece), 1969

Carol Haerer, Winter’s Silver, 1971

Installation with Steve Keister, Edward Avedisian (background) and Mario Yrisarry

Installation with Bill Bollinger (drawing and wood painting) and Walter Redinger

Installation with Robert Mallary and Magalie Comeau

Installation with Agustin Fernandez and George Ortman